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Astranet TV Setup

Important Information

Most IPTV apps will use the Xtream Codes API configuration. In order to use this configuration with your app you will need the DNS (URL) and the username and password provided to you upon purchase of our service.
The DNS addresses are provided to you upon ordering.

COMBO: For advanced users only. We no longer support native M3U however you can use to generate a compatible M3U playlist for use with apps such as Plex/Xteve.
Fanatic & Omni: M3U Url provided at purchase

See Individual Product Listings for listings

Recommended Apps

The following apps are recommended for Android-based devices. Along with Phones and Tablets, there are many TV boxes that are Android based. Also, Amazon Fire Stick/Fire TV is an Android based device. See specific section below for Fire devices. Substitute the app in my directions with any app you can find and log in.

  • Astranet TV custom app! See below!
  • XCIPTV – Great all around app for Live TV and VOD Content
  • TiviMate – Likely one of the best apps for IPTV however it is not as well suited for VOD content
  • Smarters Pro – Simple and popular, this app has many features but it easy to use for a beginner.
  • GSE IPTV – An advanced user app with plenty of features.

If your device has the Google Play Store you should be able to get any of the above apps. 

Astranet TV Custom App: 
Upon purchase follow the directions provided to obtain our custom apps quickly via the popular Downloader app for Android devices!

It might surprise you but there are a plethora of IPTV apps available for Apple based devices. Though custom apps such as the one being developed for Android aren’t possible on Apple devices, here are some of my favorite apps on this platform.

  • IPTVX – full version is not free but totally worth evaluating. This app has a lot of really neat features and deserves some attention!
  • GSE IPTV – Just like the Android version, this option has some advanced features and is compatible with nearly any type of IPTV setup (ours included!)
  • IPTV-Smarters Player – Also like its Android brother, this app is a great starter app and also compatible with our service.
All 3 apps available from the App Store on both mobile devices as well as Apple TV devices.

Astranet TV Custom App: 
Upon purchase follow the directions provided to obtain our custom apps quickly via the popular Downloader app for Android devices!

There is no set app for Roku but you can get around it by following these steps.

+ Go to App store on Google or Apple and download Web Video Cast on your phone or tablet
+ Click on three line button and choose IPTV section.
+ On IPTV address section click the +
+ enter the M3u link generated from (See M3U Playlist section above.)
+ On the name for the IPTV list section you can enter Astranet TV
+ Select a device to cast to Click Roku as your device (must be on same network as Roku for it to show up)

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